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Available Services

Business Assessment

Greyscale welcomes new and developing entrepreneurs to assess their Business Profile.  We go through an in-depth Business Profile Checklist that will position any business for Partnerships and Funding.

Business Development

Greyscale will take a hard look at your numbers – prospects, proposals, close ratios, ROI – to identify business development gaps and opportunities. 

Digital Audit

What is the perception of your business online?  You're digital presence is your business partner. Greyscale will do a full digital audit with actionable steps to position your voice, story and brand online.

Creative Consultation

Greyscale provides creative consultations and creative services including advertising campaigns and other arts, events or sales projects.            

Strategic Marketing Plan

  Greyscale strategically maps out a clear picture and plan to scale your marketing efforts based on timing, position, product & service.  We provide an  online and offline approach to every strategy. 

Media Buying Strategy

  Every Size Does Not Fit All.  Greyscale assist with what to buy, where to buy it, and when to execute.   Let's put a stop to spending in areas where it does not count.  


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