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Greyscale Unlimited LLC is a media resource designed to strategically provide solutions that help you maximize your time, energy and money through marketing, health and financial literacy.  Our mission is to Inform, Engage and Inspire. 

All About the Owner

Tamara Minto is an author, dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and teacher, with a wealth of experience in marketing, real estate and investing.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and has spent over a decade leading within corporate marketing & advertising sector.  


Tamara is a skilled communicator and has the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve the best version of themselves.  She is committed to continuous learning and growth and is always seeking new ways to improve her skills, knowledge and mentality as a woman, mother, investor and professional.  

As a visionary leader and teacher who is passionate about driving innovation and growth in the area of financial literacy, Tamara is dedicated to creating a better future for herself, for her peers, and youth in her community.  She founded a non-profit organization,  iTrade Junior Investor Trading Game, as a platform to empower and educate juniors, aged 10-17, on the power of the financial market. 

Tamara is an Avid Investor and advocate for Financial Literacy and the importance of equipping our families to develop a wealth mindset.  She learned very early that one income is way to close to having none.   Her purpose is to show others that you have the power to maximize your time, energy and money effectively, with the right access and willingness to take action.  

For more information on strategically identifying solutions that will help you professional, and personally, maximize your time, energy and money connect with Greyscale today.  

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